Getting Ready for the Blizzard with some help from Campbell’s @CampbellSoupCo

We’re battening down the hatches here in New York. The predicted snow amounts keep changing, but it sounds like we are going to get whomped. (pretty sure that’s a technical weather term) The whompage is probably going to be significant, if you base your guess on the screaming blizzard warning that flashed across my iPhone this afternoon.

Knowing that we’re in for it, we decided to see if we could get the one hundred or so year old snow blower a friend gave us working again. It took about four hours of work. Thankfully, I married MacGyver. Equally fortuitous is that we love Campbell’s soups in our household. Let me show you why.

The ancient one.  A snow blower from before snow was invented.

The ancient one. A snow blower from before snow was invented. See the big hole? Yes, it needed an air filter.

snowblower 2

Enter Campbell’s Broccoli and Cheese soup! Well, the can part anyway. (we ate the soup first)

snowblower 3

Trimmed it down to size and added a bit of wire mesh….

snowblower 4

A Scotchbrite pad as the actual filter was next.

snowblower 5

A bit of crimpage, and voila! Now we’re ready to rock and roll and blow some snow tomorrow.

Thanks Campbell’s! Soup is good food! (And good machine parts in a pinch)


A Simple Recipe for a Snowy Day – Beef Burgundy

Well, we knew we could be snowed in today (we are) so last night we shopped. Now we’re here watching the Ranger/Boston hockey game and my family is about to tuck into one of their favorite meals: my Beef Burgundy. I imagine, in the grand scheme of things, this is a pretty simple recipe, but we love it and it’s perfect for a winter’s day. So here it is:

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