Merry Christmas! ( hope that doesn’t offend) – A Blog Post

A Facebook friend posted a brief treatise on the holiday season which began with the line “Jesus is not the reason for the season for everyone” and described her dissatisfaction at feeling that the Christian holidays were being forced upon folks. This is my reply to both her and a few of her other friends who decided to respond vigorously to my simple question, “Why the anger toward Christians?”

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Under the Category of “Are You Serious?”: Blurring Glasses??

So, this ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem has a brilliant idea! Blurring glasses to keep their male members from catching sight of “immodestly dressed women”.

You are kidding me, right?

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It seems separating the sexes in every possible way in public is not enough for these fellows. Because they evidently have no self control of their own, they need to resort to using pressure and force to keep the women folk from crossing their paths.

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I Guess it Depends on the Meaning of the word “Freedom”.

Once again, I am confused. This does occur periodically and I find it highly frustrating, but it does make good fodder for a blog post, so I’ll appreciate it for the silver lining it offers and just go with it.

Let me first point out the impetus for this diatribe, which is this article about a judge ordering a school district (and a band director, mind you) to apologize to an agnostic family about some words both misspoken and posted online. The comments involved parties to a complaint by the agnostic family regarding prayers at a high school commencement ceremony, primarily. I’m not familiar with the case and there seems to be more to it than that. But that’s not where I’m headed with this.

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Consubstantial? Come on. I think the Catholic Church is pulling my leg.

Ok, I’ve given this a couple of days to sink in, and now I have to say something. At the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon, or an old dog that can’t learn a new trick, I have to pipe up about the changes to the catholic Roman Missal (basically, what we say or recite during mass) that I experienced for the first time at mass this week. So here goes.

WHAT on earth are you people thinking?

I’m told the goal was to get closer to the true translation of the old writings. But come on, boys. And I know you are mostly boys. “Consubstantial”? Who are  you kidding? We used to say “one with the father”, referencing Jesus, of course. Now consubstantial makes more sense to you?

I’m sitting here imagining scores of CCD students saying that word, with their cute, juvenile lisps (which they will grow out of) and the look of confusion on their cute little faces. Just think of all the songs whose lyrics you were not sure of throughout your life, and the words you made up to replace the ones you weren’t sure of. Come on, I grew up Catholic. Who can forget “Round young virgin” (Silent Night)?

Photo from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” (this is not really God)

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