Remember, remember…

So it seems a very large group of people have, spontaneously, occupied the Wall Street area of New York City to protest. What they are protesting, and the “event” itself seems to me an evolving melange, a creature with many tentacles beginning to reach in too many directions with no one real focus.

What are their demands? Can something so disorganized really hope to accomplish anything? And what would be the measure of any accomplishment they might secure?

Yes, people want jobs. A good friend of mine, today, will witness the auctioning off of his home. But what do these folks on the streets REALLY want to see happen? There are every kind of sign you could imagine down there. The poor will eat the rich, bankers are the devil, at least one saying something about the Federal Reserve (one of the real culprits IMHO). There are even signs that say “Welcome Home”, whatever that is referring to.

I do understand the iconographic meaning behind the Guy Fawkes masks, but I wonder if the folks wearing them all do. I mean, old Guido WAS part of a plot to actually KILL people. With a lot of gunpowder. November 5 is more a celebration, or was originally anyway, of his failure rather than the success he never attained. So the overuse of the masks is both amusing and somewhat worrisome.

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