Yahoo News, Now Serving the KoolAid

I thought I could let this pass. It’s not as though I should be surprised. I think the wham-bam is what got me. So I just have one simple question.

Yahoo, have you lost your mind completely?

Here’s the wham: Story number one:


An attorney from Kenya, a Mr. Felix Kiprono, age unkown (I’m afraid to ask, actually) has offered our President Obama fifty cows, seventy sheep and thirty goats for the hand in marriage of his sixteen year old daughter Malia: a young lady he admits “falling for”, from afar, when she was ten years old.

Holy freeholies, Yahoo. This is not a feel-good story! On the creepiness scale, this one not only rings the bell, it blows it clean off and clear across the carnival. He wants to BUY our President’s child! Not only does he want to buy her, it doesn’t sound like he thinks she should have any say in the whole transaction. And he decided he wanted to be her husband when she was still playing with dolls. Disgusting. My favorite line in the story? Continue reading


When good lads go bad

This British mum thinks her lovely lad of a son is not wholly to blame for his tearing up a shop with a golf club during the recent London riots.  She says there’s “fuck-all” for the kiddies to do, and it’s the government’s fault. Ah, the wages of the nanny state.

This is what you get after generations of convincing the populace that the government is going to do everything for them (i.e. socialism). There’s nothing for a 12 year old to do in London, is there? At all? Well, bugger that mum. Just keep this in mind. Next time he might not survive his anti-government antics. He got his morals from somewhere. Hmm, wonder where there might be.

Cheerios. 🙂

If it’s Tuesday, it must be……..

….the usual insanity. Not quite a Monday insanity, but the next best thing. So, how to choose a first post. It should be pretty simple, considering all the crazy going on around us these days.

Ok, raise your hands if you don’t love The New York Post’s sense of humor.

Didn’t he already do this?

Mr. Weiner (ok, I have to laugh every time I say that) has left the building for a lovely, approved, two week cooling off period of rehab. This, I am sure, is designed to help him, and us, forget about the fact that he is both an idiot and electronically inept. Come on, tweet vs private message? I know five years olds that would not have made that mistake. And did I have a laugh when I read that the Clintons were advising him on what action to take? The world is upside down. Cats and dogs living together……..who you gonna call?

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