Your Neighbors Are Watching (FYI Just in case you thought we weren’t living in a Police State)

I find it amazingly sad that many folks who do not own or use firearms are being so easily persuaded to give up their (and my) rights in such a wholesale fashion. How can supposedly mature, full grown, adult human beings not realize that giving up your basic human rights to try to fix one problem will only lead to the loss of other rights as well? Okay, right now the hot button issue is gun control. What have we got here in NY now? Hey, our illustrious Governor, who rammed through the SAFE Act in the dead of night, is offering $500 to turn in your neighbors if you “think” they have illegal firearms.

Click the Idiot for Story

Click the Idiot for Story

Hell, in New Jersey you could make a cool $1000! Nothing like neighbor turning on neighbor. Divide and conquer, n’est pas? This whole “turn in your guns” schtick is not a new concept. Check out this article with some great historical info (i.e. Facts).

russian poster

“Comrades, turn in your weapons!”
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No words

How can I title this? An entire family was found dead in my town, evidently the victims of a murder-suicide on the part of the father.

I simply can’t wrap my head around it. No matter how angry a person might be, how in holy hell does a human being kill their own children? For the love of all that IS holy, if anything is anymore, how does a man look upon the beauty and miracle of his own babies and pull the trigger on a 12 gauge shotgun while they lay in their bed sleeping?

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Just another Wednesday

I’ve been so spoiled lately, enjoying the up and down fall weather. Today may be the beginning of the end of our changeable autumnal interlude though. It’s cold and dreary and definitely feels more like a preamble to winter. At least we still have Thanksgiving to look forward to before we settle in for our long winter’s nap.

Nothing all that exciting is going on today, which I’m eternally grateful for. After the last week, I’m more than happy to just be sitting at my desk and working. And blogging, of course. Being the owner of a small business, there was only us to change out the furniture in our office. The excitement of redecorating fades quickly once the heavy lifting starts. What a mess it was. Yes, I love the new furnishings. But I’m still exhausted. In the middle of the melee my daughter came home from college to visit. So it was a juggling act, making sure we got this job done by Tuesday morning (monday was the holiday) and spent enough time with her. Add to that my father-in-law just having moved out of my daughter’s room into his new apartment and needing…everything….plus my husband heading up to Syracuse for all of Saturday to watch a friend race, and you’ve got a recipe for abject weariness.

When I told my son that I was looking forward to the work week starting, he was confused and asked why? Didn’t I enjoy relaxing on the weekend? He is such a funny boy. So smart. So bright. He makes me laugh.

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Capitán Puss in Boots

I’ve had a sudden surge lately in attending movies, mostly….well entirely….because my cable subscription allows me two free tickets every Tuesday night. What a boon. The old man and I actually get to spend some quality time together, sans kiddies. Sure, sure, we don’t talk much in the dark of the theater, but we do talk over dinner before.  And we double date with a couple who also get two free tickets from THEIR cable subscription. Generally, we’re all pretty giddy about the freeness of it all, especially these days when every dime counts. (yes, spell check grabbed “freeness” but I’m leaving it. more on my inner grammar nazi later. oh, it grabbed nazi too. )

Now the other couple are of the mind that any movie should be seen, even if there is no interest, because of the free. Me? I can’t do it. I can’t sit and be bored to tears (or sleep) in a cinema just because I can.  I’d so much rather be bored to tears at home, or at least in some other well lit room. Actually, I always say “wouldn’t it be nice to have some time where I had nothing to do”, but I don’t, and when I think about it, I prefer it that way. Being bored WOULD bring me to tears. Happily, the moments in my life when I’ve had nothing at all to fill my time with, I can probably count on one hand.

Last week it was  “Green Lantern”. My kids, who were a tad miffed at not being invited to double date grown-ups only free movie night, simply wanted me to let them know if Van Wilder was actually believable as a super hero. I think Ryan Reynolds did a lovely job portraying GL. We enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed his costume. 🙂

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If it’s Tuesday, it must be……..

….the usual insanity. Not quite a Monday insanity, but the next best thing. So, how to choose a first post. It should be pretty simple, considering all the crazy going on around us these days.

Ok, raise your hands if you don’t love The New York Post’s sense of humor.

Didn’t he already do this?

Mr. Weiner (ok, I have to laugh every time I say that) has left the building for a lovely, approved, two week cooling off period of rehab. This, I am sure, is designed to help him, and us, forget about the fact that he is both an idiot and electronically inept. Come on, tweet vs private message? I know five years olds that would not have made that mistake. And did I have a laugh when I read that the Clintons were advising him on what action to take? The world is upside down. Cats and dogs living together……..who you gonna call?

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