Idiocracy in Action In My Backyard

Do you recognize this flag?

Well, it must be my Nordic background that made me able to recognize it right off the bat. It’s the flag of Norway.

But let’s backtrack for a moment. What’s making my head spin this morning is not this cute little flag or where it’s from. It’s the fact that this flag was placed on local woman’s property and a group of her neighbors took it upon themselves to complain, vehemently, to the local “powers that be” about it.

Why were they complaining? Because they wanted to know why the owner of the property was ALLOWED to fly a CONFEDERATE flag on what is part of county property.

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Why I Think I’m Losing My Mind

More and more, I find myself asking people around me if it’s a full moon.  I think that society as a whole is suffering from some form of dementia and it’s becoming the norm.  It’s come on so gradually that we’ve missed the transition to the current state of alteration. What have we done to ourselves? In the name of political correctness. In the name of not impinging on the rights of the criminally insane. Who are our heroes now? I shudder when I see the “celebrities” that people look to or look up to.

Seriously? You know, I usually try to be upbeat and polite. But come on. These people are just this side of mental retardation.

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