Photoshop In the Wrong Hands – Blog

I’m not in the habit of making mountains out of mole hills. When I first saw this splashed around the internet, I laughed. What’s the big deal, I thought. So Nancy Pelosi had overstepped her bounds once again and inserted some absent female congressional members into a recent photograph she had commissioned. Who would it hurt, right? In the grand scheme of things who’ll ever look back and give a rat’s patootie who was or was not there? Unless one of the late comers was actually committing a crime during the time the photo was being taken and hoped to use it as an alibi, what’s the problem?

After thinking about it for about  five minutes, I came up with another take on it. It’s ironic that Nancy Pelosi, the target of many a freakish photoshopped image of herself, see’s no problem with this photo. It’s of all of the ladies of the 113th Congress and actually a lovely, colorful photo. There’s only one issue: not all of these ladies were actually present for the taking of said photo. Continue reading