What Can I Say



When good lads go bad

This British mum thinks her lovely lad of a son is not wholly to blame for his tearing up a shop with a golf club during the recent London riots.  She says there’s “fuck-all” for the kiddies to do, and it’s the government’s fault. Ah, the wages of the nanny state.

This is what you get after generations of convincing the populace that the government is going to do everything for them (i.e. socialism). There’s nothing for a 12 year old to do in London, is there? At all? Well, bugger that mum. Just keep this in mind. Next time he might not survive his anti-government antics. He got his morals from somewhere. Hmm, wonder where there might be.

Cheerios. 🙂

Why I Think I’m Losing My Mind

More and more, I find myself asking people around me if it’s a full moon.  I think that society as a whole is suffering from some form of dementia and it’s becoming the norm.  It’s come on so gradually that we’ve missed the transition to the current state of alteration. What have we done to ourselves? In the name of political correctness. In the name of not impinging on the rights of the criminally insane. Who are our heroes now? I shudder when I see the “celebrities” that people look to or look up to.

Seriously? You know, I usually try to be upbeat and polite. But come on. These people are just this side of mental retardation.

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