Merry Christmas! ( hope that doesn’t offend) – A Blog Post

A Facebook friend posted a brief treatise on the holiday season which began with the line “Jesus is not the reason for the season for everyone” and described her dissatisfaction at feeling that the Christian holidays were being forced upon folks. This is my reply to both her and a few of her other friends who decided to respond vigorously to my simple question, “Why the anger toward Christians?”

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Merry Practical Christmas. My brilliant gift idea.

I’ve been planning this for months. I know just what I want to get for all the adults on my Xmas gift list this year! (wow, spell check wants me to capitalize Xmas, lol)

Anyway, I LOVE these things. I’m not trying to be a blog-based ad for Ikea, but I just adore these little clips! I use them on everything I can think of and I’m so proud that, supposedly, they are scandinavian in origin (just like me, or half of me).

They can’t be ordered online so I have to traipse to the store. But they are awesome. I mean, totally worth the gas to get there and the $2.99 a bag they cost.

At t his point in my life, after all these years of thinking up the best gift for each person, I’ve either run out of ideas or the patience to come up with them. I’m not sure, but something useful makes so much more sense to me now. And they’re colorful, and will look so cute with a little ribbon around the bag. Yup. If you’re on my list, you are getting clips for Christmas.

I am so smart. Go me.