Thoughts During a Migraine – Blog Post

Apologies to my fellow migraine suffers out there. I know that the first rule of migraines is we don’t talk about migraines. We all know how the mere mention can bring on the thunder.

I can’t help myself though. I’ve taken two Fioricet so far, to no avail, and so I’m trying some blog therapy. If the tone of the post goes off the rails in a paragraph or two, you’ll know why. Actually, I don’t plan to write that much. I’m just trying to keep the still-functioning part of my brain occupied while the involved portion packs a bag and heads off into the land of numb. Hopefully.

So, what to blog about. How about dogs? Did I mention my dog is very long? Yes, besides being annoying and the spawn of the devil, he is very long.

What possesses a dog to sleep like this? Never mind that he’s taking up half the couch. I swear, it looks like a crime scene photo. Give me some chalk.

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Just another Wednesday

I’ve been so spoiled lately, enjoying the up and down fall weather. Today may be the beginning of the end of our changeable autumnal interlude though. It’s cold and dreary and definitely feels more like a preamble to winter. At least we still have Thanksgiving to look forward to before we settle in for our long winter’s nap.

Nothing all that exciting is going on today, which I’m eternally grateful for. After the last week, I’m more than happy to just be sitting at my desk and working. And blogging, of course. Being the owner of a small business, there was only us to change out the furniture in our office. The excitement of redecorating fades quickly once the heavy lifting starts. What a mess it was. Yes, I love the new furnishings. But I’m still exhausted. In the middle of the melee my daughter came home from college to visit. So it was a juggling act, making sure we got this job done by Tuesday morning (monday was the holiday) and spent enough time with her. Add to that my father-in-law just having moved out of my daughter’s room into his new apartment and needing…everything….plus my husband heading up to Syracuse for all of Saturday to watch a friend race, and you’ve got a recipe for abject weariness.

When I told my son that I was looking forward to the work week starting, he was confused and asked why? Didn’t I enjoy relaxing on the weekend? He is such a funny boy. So smart. So bright. He makes me laugh.

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Should I talk about cookies?

Oh, cookie nirvana. My life has been so insane lately I nearly forgot how much I adore these cookies. Pims thou art divine.

Bought myself a box the other night, put them in the fridge, and protected them vehemently until the last cookie was consumed. By me, of course. Sure, sure, I offered one bite to the girl child, secretly hoping she did not fall in love with my delights. She didn’t. Boo ya. Mine, mine, mine.

And once again I find myself thinking about this blog. Should there be one specific theme? Should it be all buttercups and candy canes? Discussing some important, current event related topic with the husband the other night, I pondered posting a blog about the subject. And I asked him the same question. Do I keep it light, or do I venture into the dark void of the real world? Is it more about what I want to write about or about what people want to read? Why does one blog in the first place? Hey, these are really great questions! Man, I wish I had the answers.

I’ll think about it for a bit. And have another cookie. Something will come to me.