The #Chattanooga Gunman – NOT a “Typical American Kid” – a blog post

Another terrible shooting occurred yesterday. A 24 year old man riddled a military recruiting station with bullets and then killed four marines and wounded many others at a Chattanooga, Tennessee naval base. Once again we are mourning lives lost and trying to make sense of a murderer’s actions. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those killed or injured.

This blog post is directed at the mainstream media. I’ve diverted from my usual, fun blog post because I am genuinely upset over their descriptions of this person as a supposedly decent human being who had a sudden, mental break. The MSM needs to stop trying to convince me Mr. Abdulazeez was a “typical American kid.” Obviously he was not. It’s making me sick to hear and read it, over and over again. I’m pretty familiar with what makes someone a typical American kid. You see,  I was one. And I’ve raised two of them as well. I grew up with, and am related to, many of them. My personal experience makes me pretty near an expert. But, in case you don’t think growing up in New York City as one of them gives me the street cred to make this call, I’ll make my case.

I have a son of my own, and I consider him a typical American kid. He was born here, raised here, and neither of his parents are from parts of the world that hold daily “I Hate America” rallies. He’s never blogged about jihad nor has he spent any time in Jordan or any other parts of the world where terrorism is the national pass time. He’s a volunteer firefighter, he loves his family, respects others and was raised to respect people of all races, makes, models and creeds. He, too, was a wrestler in high school. But that is the only thing he has in common with the miscreant who killed these innocent folks in Tennessee. This summer, he’s working a town job that leaves him covered with poison ivy, but he appreciates the experience and the physical exertion makes him appreciate the paycheck he receives. He hopes for a bright future in a world where those who work hard can earn a decent life. And he does not believe anyone needs to die because they don’t share his beliefs.

I had a cousin, and he was a typical American kid. He loved his family and respected his parents. He went to school, married his sweetheart, had two beautiful children, and worked for the FDNY. He grew into a typical American man and made us all proud. Then he went down with the south tower on September 11, 2001 and not a trace of him remains. Never in his life did he believe that anyone should die because they did not share his beliefs.


And now we have the Chattanooga shooter, a Kuwaiti born killer that the talking heads are trying to convince us was just like me and you, just another kid from Tennessee. A typical American kid, like my son or my cousin. I submit that he was not and describing him as such is an insult to every true American, child or adult. The news reports say Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez became a naturalized American citizen, but none are saying how old he was when this took place. He wrestled in high school, he attended college, and he wrote a blog in which he extolled the virtues of submission to his God in the form of sacrifice. His father was investigated for donating money to a terrorist organization and Mr. Abdulazeez himself spent months in Jordan last year. These are not the “typical” ins and outs of an average life.

Yes, we have home-grown sociopaths who commit terrible crimes. We have our McVeigh’s and our Dylan Klebold’s and Eric Harris’. Read their stories. None of them were typical in their behavior either. I’m not a xenophobe. I have good friends who are naturalized citizens of the US and they are beyond proud of that distinction. I’m not disputing this simply from a semantic point of view either. Trying to ban language is ridiculous. But the feigned wonderment of the news mimes is insulting. They hope that those of us on the other side of the tube are nodding our bobble heads, all the while remaining spellbound as we continue to increase their market share. This is beyond offensive to me.

Even now, I am watching the news and listening as the-powers-that-be refuse to call this what it is: terrorism. We are under attack by a specific group of people and we refuse to name them. At what point do we call the spade a spade? Do we have to wait until we are pounded on the head with said spade? Because their goal is that we do not survive the pounding.

I hate that I have begun to assign blame to an entire population for anything. I don’t want to live that way.  But those were not Episcopalian extremists that flew the planes into the towers in New York City. If they were rogue bishops from the Vatican, do you think Catholicism would have survived intact? This is Islam, again, just like 9/11, just like Fort Hood, just like the Oklahoma Vaughn Foods beheading, The Boston Marathon bombings, Little Rock, Arkansas in 2009, the attack on NYPD officers in 2014 by a knife-wielding man, the murder of two NYPD officers in their cruiser in 2014,  and the 2015 shooting outside the cartoon drawing event in Texas. None of these perpetrators were “typical” young men. They were not victims, but of their own making and we owe them and their like nothing, least of all the lives of our citizens.

I can’t tell anyone what to say, or do. That’s not who I am. I’m just a typical American woman with a blog, for what that’s worth. If I’ve become an Islamophobe, only Islam has itself to blame. But I’ve never been one to walk around wearing rose colored glasses. Some days, I wish I could.

Bless those who perished in all of these attacks.


P.S: Try googling “typical American kid” and hit images. See how many photos of the Chattanooga shooter come up.

P.S.S.: Why on earth are our military personnel not armed? Why are they trained to protect our country yet not allowed to protect themselves?


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