Yahoo News, Now Serving the KoolAid

I thought I could let this pass. It’s not as though I should be surprised. I think the wham-bam is what got me. So I just have one simple question.

Yahoo, have you lost your mind completely?

Here’s the wham: Story number one:


An attorney from Kenya, a Mr. Felix Kiprono, age unkown (I’m afraid to ask, actually) has offered our President Obama fifty cows, seventy sheep and thirty goats for the hand in marriage of his sixteen year old daughter Malia: a young lady he admits “falling for”, from afar, when she was ten years old.

Holy freeholies, Yahoo. This is not a feel-good story! On the creepiness scale, this one not only rings the bell, it blows it clean off and clear across the carnival. He wants to BUY our President’s child! Not only does he want to buy her, it doesn’t sound like he thinks she should have any say in the whole transaction. And he decided he wanted to be her husband when she was still playing with dolls. Disgusting. My favorite line in the story?

“Kiprono dismissed the notion he might be a gold-digger.”

Gold digger? What did he say when you asked him if he was a pedophile? Oh, that didn’t come up? Journalistic brilliance. And this cretin is hoping the young girl will accompany her dad on his next visit there? I’m sure she’s all over that, scooter. Yuck.

And now, the bam: Story number two:


All hail the jihadi honeymoon!

Are you kidding me? ISIS made a little propaganda video/press release which the fawning international press and Yahoo decided was another opportunity to show us what munificent and caring fellows these warriors can be when they’re not beheading journalists or Red Cross workers. Or stoning women for showing their ankles in public. Or going house to house and executing dissenters. But I digress…

Look at that happy couple. What’s better than a fun-filled, paid vacation after your nuptials (whether it was a forced marriage or not) and swimming while fully clothed? Priceless. Goodness knows, that $500 will go a long way after her new husband blows his ass to smithereens.

I could go on. Where’s the outrage? Where is NOW? A man offered beef for a young girl. A woman is swimming in her clothes. And she’s about to dive into two feet of water with her husband not showing a care in the world.

But what’s the point? While I am repulsed by what I’ve read and see, others may simply find these stories anecdotal. In this computer age, we all have digital A.D.D. Story, flip. Next story, flip. After we flip by the same crap time and again, it becomes commonplace, not promoted but accepted only because we don’t reject it.

Here’s a thought, Yahoo. Just because the AP and the AFP publish it doesn’t mean you have to regurgitate it word for word.

I know, I know. But there’s always hope, right?


One thought on “Yahoo News, Now Serving the KoolAid

  1. Yep – they’ve had less editorial oversight (and less proofreading) lately, so I’m not surprised at all that stuff like this is leaking out!

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