Your Neighbors Are Watching (FYI Just in case you thought we weren’t living in a Police State)

I find it amazingly sad that many folks who do not own or use firearms are being so easily persuaded to give up their (and my) rights in such a wholesale fashion. How can supposedly mature, full grown, adult human beings not realize that giving up your basic human rights to try to fix one problem will only lead to the loss of other rights as well? Okay, right now the hot button issue is gun control. What have we got here in NY now? Hey, our illustrious Governor, who rammed through the SAFE Act in the dead of night, is offering $500 to turn in your neighbors if you “think” they have illegal firearms.

Click the Idiot for Story

Click the Idiot for Story

Hell, in New Jersey you could make a cool $1000! Nothing like neighbor turning on neighbor. Divide and conquer, n’est pas? This whole “turn in your guns” schtick is not a new concept. Check out this article with some great historical info (i.e. Facts).

russian poster

“Comrades, turn in your weapons!”
Click the Russian for the Story.

I love THIS BLOG POST and so will you. Have you heard of Read up. They’re the folks who supposedly are hanging posters that state “Illegal Activity is Not Tolerated” and who consider owning guns, being politically active, and having bumper stickers on your car as suspicious behavior. Who cares if you are proud of  your Honor Student! Scrape it off, buddy.


And what of my original point? Oh yes, the fact that we’re being turned into snitches instead of neighbors. It’s not limited to the US, of course. How about this UK power company making a game of your children becoming “Climate Cops” and earning points by reporting on their parent’s energy use? Not making this up. Here, join in on the fun! (And here’s a link to a blog post that explains the game)

uk power co

Click the Munchkin for the Skinny.

One final note:  For the umpteenth time, I have read a comment (usually by a non-gun owning individual)  stating that they don’t care if the new, overreaching gun controls go into affect because it “won’t affect their lives one bit” and they “won’t be losing any rights”. I’m amazed by the level of…I don’t know what it is anymore. Ignorance? Ambivalence? Resignation? Those people whom I have spoken to in person who feel this way are so self righteous about their right to give up their rights. It boggles the mind. Well, my mind anyway. What can I say? Here’s hoping we come to our senses eventually.


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