Life Goes On.

Thankfully, the Presidential election is over. Being what is usually defined as a libertarian, and not having a horse in the race (at least not a horse worth a damn), I had truly grown tired of the endless robo-calls, requests for my money, and political phone polls. While Hurricane Sandy dealt a terrible blow to our area, the silver lining was that all forms of electronic communication ceased from the 29th of October until November 6th. And I did not miss any of it.

So, life goes on. I knew it would. Sure, my guy didn’t win. But that’s only because my guy doesn’t seem to exist. I’m not thrilled with some of the direction this country is headed in. And I was all primed to get torqued up about it before the storm hit. For some strange reason, now, I’ve entered a sort of  “Zen Zone”. I’m calmer. I’m ready to move on. It may just be that I simply don’t have the strength to bitch and convulse about the state of the union any more.

Hanging their flag upside down?

I can’t know the motivation of the folks who feel the need to fly the colors inverted. It’s actually considered a sign of distress. Perhaps they are metaphorically crying for help. It’s hard to say.

In the end, I’ve decided I only have the strength to be who I am and there are a few things I know, for a fact, will not be changed by whomever may be in power at any given time:

1. I don’t need anyone else to define who or what I am.

2. I believe that other human beings can exert physical or psychological force upon us to guide our behavior, but they can never actually take away our inherent freedoms. Unless we let them.

3. The government will never replace my real mommy.

4. I can care about the people around me without wanting to give them everything I’ve worked so hard for. When I can’t afford something, I don’t get to have it. If I want it badly enough, I have to work to get it. That’s the name of that tune.

5. I still wish you all the best in all you endeavor to accomplish, but…

6. You don’t know better than me what is good for me. You never will.

7. I’m keeping my guns.

That’s actually all I wanted to say. Nothing earth shattering. After all the recent political acrimony I’m just hoping for some peace and quiet. The cosmos needs to settle back down. I don’t like when my head feels like a box of cats. Live and let live people. I will if you will.


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