Idiocracy in Action In My Backyard

Do you recognize this flag?

Well, it must be my Nordic background that made me able to recognize it right off the bat. It’s the flag of Norway.

But let’s backtrack for a moment. What’s making my head spin this morning is not this cute little flag or where it’s from. It’s the fact that this flag was placed on local woman’s property and a group of her neighbors took it upon themselves to complain, vehemently, to the local “powers that be” about it.

Why were they complaining? Because they wanted to know why the owner of the property was ALLOWED to fly a CONFEDERATE flag on what is part of county property.

Confederate flag? First of all, these folks should not have cut Social Studies class back in the day. Second, I am appalled at the lack of knowledge of the local people who, at every given chance, make a point of letting you know how very learned they are. But third, and most importantly, I am made sick by their believing that they have the right to trespass on someone else’s property in order to do damage.

I’m referring to this article from today’s local paper. Read it. It’s important that you do. This is a perfect example of the devolution of our society. Yes, someone actually did go onto this woman’s property and break the flag in half. Obviously some completely ignorant ass who never studied the flags of the world. Or read a book. Maybe they can’t read at all. It would not surprise me. I won’t go on. The story speaks for itself.

If that be the case, what’s the next step? Going to shoot my Pitbull because you think the breed is dangerous?

Sadly, folks like this flag breaker from this story will be voting in a matter of weeks. We are so screwed.


One thought on “Idiocracy in Action In My Backyard

  1. The mouth-breathing booboise are always dumbfounded when they discover that their well-meaning efforts to sow war begin to reap the inevitable consequences.

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