No Offense Jessica, but…..

I’ve not wanted to toot my own horn until I’d made a decent amount of progress. But you know what? I lost 17 pounds in the last three months and I’m feeling darned good about it. So toot I will. And I did it by changing my diet (back to the way I used to eat before I fell into some bad habits, which I continue to blame on the man of the house) and I started working out at the Curves right across the street from my office.

At first I thought the whole Curves thing was hokey. But you know what? It’s right there. I can’t think of a good excuse not to cross the street on a daily basis and work out for a whole 30-40 minutes. I cut back on the late night snacks, bread, junk food and American sized portions, and voila! Nothing I own fits me any longer! It’s great, except when I have somewhere important to go and can’t wear jeans or anything elasticized. I guess I need to go shopping.

So my mini rant today is toward the lovely Jessica Simpson. Sure, she’s a sweet thing. Ok, sweet or not, she is the chick that thought Chicken of the Sea Tuna was actually chicken. Of the Sea. It should not surprise me that she now states that she totally indulged during her pregnancy and that she was shocked to find that all the weight didn’t fall off with the birth of her child.

Really Jessica?

To make it all even more entertaining, she is now the newest spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Evidently she’s being paid $4 million dollars to lose her weight. Her face, and the rest of her I imagine, will be flashed before us on the TV to try to convince us that we can follow in her footsteps, albeit for the fee she is not paying, and lose those nasty extra pounds along with her. Of course, we don’t get paid to do it, nor do we get the benefit of the visits, daily, from our personal trainer.

Even if I was going to pop for a personal trainer, the cost around here is at least $100 an hour. The cheapest I’ve heard of was $75, but that was for two fatties at once. I’m willing to bet she’s got an organic chef thrown in there somewhere too.

I don’t begrudge Jessica those things her money can buy. I do find it loathsome that she’s going to “act” like she’s doing it all with WW when we know she’s not, and she’ll convince some average Jane to give a go and spend her hard earned dollars on something that, without a whole heaping helping of willpower and ancillary services, simply won’t have the same outcome. Come on, Jess. Be real.

Ok, I admit I pay Curves about $54 a month. No personal trainer. No chef. I lost 17 pounds. 3 months. It can be done.


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