Under the Category of “Are You Serious?”: Blurring Glasses??

So, this ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem has a brilliant idea! Blurring glasses to keep their male members from catching sight of “immodestly dressed women”.

You are kidding me, right?

Click the pic for the article

It seems separating the sexes in every possible way in public is not enough for these fellows. Because they evidently have no self control of their own, they need to resort to using pressure and force to keep the women folk from crossing their paths.

Seriously? They’re going to walk around the city with blurred glasses on? And this makes sense to someone?

I have an idea. If  you lack the ability to not be tempted or put out by other human beings who do have a right to inhabit the planet with you, why don’t you just stay at home? Black out your windows. Turn off……no, throw away the television. Cancel your newspaper and magazine subscriptions and withdraw from society completely.

And while you are sitting around in your nice, dark, safe room, pen me a note and explain to me what kind of God it is that you worship who agrees with your misogynistic views and your oppression of an entire gender of humans.

Nice hats, by the way.


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