Thoughts During a Migraine – Blog Post

Apologies to my fellow migraine suffers out there. I know that the first rule of migraines is we don’t talk about migraines. We all know how the mere mention can bring on the thunder.

I can’t help myself though. I’ve taken two Fioricet so far, to no avail, and so I’m trying some blog therapy. If the tone of the post goes off the rails in a paragraph or two, you’ll know why. Actually, I don’t plan to write that much. I’m just trying to keep the still-functioning part of my brain occupied while the involved portion packs a bag and heads off into the land of numb. Hopefully.

So, what to blog about. How about dogs? Did I mention my dog is very long? Yes, besides being annoying and the spawn of the devil, he is very long.

What possesses a dog to sleep like this? Never mind that he’s taking up half the couch. I swear, it looks like a crime scene photo. Give me some chalk.

We caught the two Potsdam-Manhattanville College hockey games last weekend at the Playland ice arena where the Rangers practice. Was fun. I can tell you it was as cold as a witch’s you know whatties outside. Eerie and cool was the wind howling through the ferris wheel on our way out. It sounded like those alien sound effects from the old movies, like “The Day The Earth Stood Still” (the original. Not that awful remake with Keanu Reeves. yuk.) I had a video, but I keep forgetting to turn the damned iPhone sideways. Next time.

Put the car in gear the other night and heard a  horrible, high-pitched tone before this appeared on the dashboard.

My first thought was “does this car have a grenade detector, and does this mean I’m in the clear?” Of course, we don’t have the manual for the car. Wasn’t until I got home that I realized I had a headlight out. Does that look like a headlight to you? And why was my first thought a grenade? I think I’m losing my mind.

My god, my head is killing me. Oh sorry, I meant to say I love puppies and daffodils. (you are not feeling a headache coming on)

That’s it. It’s head/desk time.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts During a Migraine – Blog Post

  1. I know what you mean about the mere talking of migraines trigger them. Though sometimes I think I’ve been able to talk myself out of one. The only thing that helps me is finding a dark, cool room and hoping I can fall asleep before the real pain kicks in.

    After reading some of the stories of others, I feel fortunate to that I only get them 3-4 times a year.

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