Just another Wednesday

I’ve been so spoiled lately, enjoying the up and down fall weather. Today may be the beginning of the end of our changeable autumnal interlude though. It’s cold and dreary and definitely feels more like a preamble to winter. At least we still have Thanksgiving to look forward to before we settle in for our long winter’s nap.

Nothing all that exciting is going on today, which I’m eternally grateful for. After the last week, I’m more than happy to just be sitting at my desk and working. And blogging, of course. Being the owner of a small business, there was only us to change out the furniture in our office. The excitement of redecorating fades quickly once the heavy lifting starts. What a mess it was. Yes, I love the new furnishings. But I’m still exhausted. In the middle of the melee my daughter came home from college to visit. So it was a juggling act, making sure we got this job done by Tuesday morning (monday was the holiday) and spent enough time with her. Add to that my father-in-law just having moved out of my daughter’s room into his new apartment and needing…everything….plus my husband heading up to Syracuse for all of Saturday to watch a friend race, and you’ve got a recipe for abject weariness.

When I told my son that I was looking forward to the work week starting, he was confused and asked why? Didn’t I enjoy relaxing on the weekend? He is such a funny boy. So smart. So bright. He makes me laugh.

So what IS going on this week? Oh the protesters are still here and there. I’ve actually been following their livestream broadcasts and reading the running chat which they watch and respond to constantly. They are, for the most part, using the cameras on their laptops to report from the various camps and they seem to be staying connected with each other and the outside world via their iphones and iPads. I think it’s an interesting paradox, all the electronics, since they seem to be raging against “the machine” of capitalism, which is basically the source of the cool technology that they depend upon. Ah well, at least they are having fun. It’s keeping them occupied. I’m sure, eventually, a message will arise from the cacophony of drum beats. I’m all for their right to gather and disagree. I just think they are being used and that is most unfortunate.

Of course, I could be wrong about the whole message arising thing


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