Remember, remember…

So it seems a very large group of people have, spontaneously, occupied the Wall Street area of New York City to protest. What they are protesting, and the “event” itself seems to me an evolving melange, a creature with many tentacles beginning to reach in too many directions with no one real focus.

What are their demands? Can something so disorganized really hope to accomplish anything? And what would be the measure of any accomplishment they might secure?

Yes, people want jobs. A good friend of mine, today, will witness the auctioning off of his home. But what do these folks on the streets REALLY want to see happen? There are every kind of sign you could imagine down there. The poor will eat the rich, bankers are the devil, at least one saying something about the Federal Reserve (one of the real culprits IMHO). There are even signs that say “Welcome Home”, whatever that is referring to.

I do understand the iconographic meaning behind the Guy Fawkes masks, but I wonder if the folks wearing them all do. I mean, old Guido WAS part of a plot to actually KILL people. With a lot of gunpowder. November 5 is more a celebration, or was originally anyway, of his failure rather than the success he never attained. So the overuse of the masks is both amusing and somewhat worrisome.

Now the group Anonymous has threatened to “erase the NYSE from the internet” on October 10. Here’s the Youtube video and here’s the transcript. The first problem I see with this is it’s basically cyber terrorism. Yes, they can do it. I’ve no doubt. But the more they do this sort of thing, the more they beg the government to intervene. I, personally, don’t want the internet to resemble the Chinese version, nicely censored up the ying yang (no pun intended) by the Office of Internet Purity, or whatever they might decide to call it. Second is the use of the Fawkes mask iconography again, which I agree is very cool, and I get what it supposedly stands for. But in the end it still does stand for a guy that wanted to murder people

Still, I’m wondering what it is they want? What will put a check in the WIN column at the end of the day? Of all the young people in the crowd, I wonder how  many realize that shutting down Wall Street, literally shutting off the lights and locking the doors, would bankrupt their parents and leave them with no retirement funds whatsoever? And the ones that want to “smash capitalism”: what do they want in it’s place? Communism? Socialism? Don’t they realize that the type of governing they think they want is the same type that would, more than likely, forbid the type of protest they are holding now? And when I say forbid, I don’t just mean make it illegal. It probably is already. What I’m saying is, give over all the control to the government so it can take care of you and it will take care of you, as it sees fit. Which means for it’s benefit, so it can keep taking good care of you, of course. So when I say forbid, I think I really meant to say Tiananmen Square.

It’s amazing to me how vehemently some folks will protest for the right to give up their rights. Mostly I find that the ones in favor of this notion don’t think it will have any impact on their lives. Or if it does, it will only be positive. People, we can’t all be equal unless we are all equally poor. And we can’t all be equal unless some controlling force forces  us to be. Why would you want to work against human nature? If you are given everything for nothing, why would you work hard for anything? And why would you give up your rights as a natural human being?

I would like to know what the goal is of the protests. I do believe human beings should have the right to protest and gather in groups to do so if they feel strongly about something. If that’s your bag, that’s great. I don’t think you have the right to harm another human being. And I’d really like to know what they want.

Oh, and one last thing. The moment I saw this one poster for the event, what popped into my mind was….well I’ll  just show you.

Don’t blame me. It’s a natural progression. Is this the real message of the protesters? I’m hoping not. And I would be very careful if you are down there. Violence is not the answer. It won’t get you whatever you want here, and if it erupts, it could be a very dangerous situation.


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