Irene, good night.


Well, that was fun.

Ok, not really. But I can’t bring myself to sit here and lament, after only two days, the minimal damage and difficulty we’ve had to live with since Hurricane Irene hit on Sunday. Considering the awful stories coming out of Vermont and upstate New York as well as points south of here, I am not going to whine over not having power, phones or internet at my virtually untouched home.

Sure, the communications have been cut off to my office, forcing me to work in my brother’s living room (thankfully he lives just beyond the damage zone). And it’s been kind of fun having ALL the calls from the office routed to my cell phone as I perch myself on his couch between his two adorable dogs. Hey, I’m so very thankful I didn’t have to go sit in a Starbucks or a McDonald’s somewhere and work. I must remember to thank my brother profusely for his choice of home location and internet service providers.

Not far from my house

Isn’t my friend’s daughter cute? I think I have to talk to her mommy about some safety issues. Mom insists she was far enough away from the nasty wires. I guess it’s just a perspective thing.

Not everyone in the family was lucky enough to avoid Irene’s wrath. My father-in-law lost almost everything. He lost his car and most of his belongings when the lot his cottage is on became submerged under four feet of water. And a friend’s daughter lost her house in Catskill, NY to the raging water.

Even today, around here, roads are closed with downed trees on wires. Getting anywhere is a real “over the river and through the woods” adventure.


Update: Finally got everything back last night. It was actually refreshing to have to ignore the television and the computer in the evenings for a few days. All the noise is back, the usual cacophonous soundtrack that accompanies our daily lives. Still, tree limbs are falling, the fire department just going out on another that has blocked yet another road. Even all these days after the storm the sky seems to be falling in places.


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