Why I Think I’m Losing My Mind

More and more, I find myself asking people around me if it’s a full moon.  I think that society as a whole is suffering from some form of dementia and it’s becoming the norm.  It’s come on so gradually that we’ve missed the transition to the current state of alteration. What have we done to ourselves? In the name of political correctness. In the name of not impinging on the rights of the criminally insane. Who are our heroes now? I shudder when I see the “celebrities” that people look to or look up to.

Seriously? You know, I usually try to be upbeat and polite. But come on. These people are just this side of mental retardation.

Oh, here’s another angle. Very early on, I became disillusioned with the whole “Reality TV” concept. Recently I was forced to break my husband’s heart when I informed him that Storage Wars was, in fact, a scripted show and that all those silly characters he liked or disliked so much were actually actors.  He is still mourning Storage Wars. We are helping him through the process.

So it may be very possible that imbeciles like the ones depicted above are simply “acting stupid” because the stupid seems to be so very popular these days. Perhaps they are all absolute geniuses because they have figured out a way to tap into the fame machine without having any quantifiable talent whatsoever.  I’ve tried to work this out in my mind, and give them the benefit of the doubt, but it just doesn’t work.  Sure, millions of dollars probably make acting like you have the IQ of a goat palatable to some, but I can’t imagine being able to stand it for more than an hour or two. And I can’t find it in me to give them credit for the ploy.

I also can’t imagine that their masses of fans have all figured this out themselves, and have collectively decided that they ARE geniuses because of it and should then be worshiped and enjoyed just because the are so utterly brilliant. Sorry folks, you don’t get a bye on this one. I’d just love to  understand the draw. Why? Tell me why you like these people? Why you care who they are dating. If they are dating. If they are wearing underwear. And “just because” is not a reason. Please. Dig deep. Search inside yourselves and figure out why. It’s ok. The first step is admitting you have the problem.

Now go read War and Peace.

Edit: I have to give Russell Brand kudos for his tribute to Amy Winehouse.  The loss of a young person is always a very sad occasion, no matter the level of fame they may have achieved. His essay is heartfelt and so very personal and it lets shine through a real, feeling human being, not a bumbling oaf, who is speaking from the depths of his own travails as he fought his own addictions. If you have not read it, you should. Just click on the picture from The Guardian.

RIP Amy.


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