Should I talk about cookies?

Oh, cookie nirvana. My life has been so insane lately I nearly forgot how much I adore these cookies. Pims thou art divine.

Bought myself a box the other night, put them in the fridge, and protected them vehemently until the last cookie was consumed. By me, of course. Sure, sure, I offered one bite to the girl child, secretly hoping she did not fall in love with my delights. She didn’t. Boo ya. Mine, mine, mine.

And once again I find myself thinking about this blog. Should there be one specific theme? Should it be all buttercups and candy canes? Discussing some important, current event related topic with the husband the other night, I pondered posting a blog about the subject. And I asked him the same question. Do I keep it light, or do I venture into the dark void of the real world? Is it more about what I want to write about or about what people want to read? Why does one blog in the first place? Hey, these are really great questions! Man, I wish I had the answers.

I’ll think about it for a bit. And have another cookie. Something will come to me.


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