Capitán Puss in Boots

I’ve had a sudden surge lately in attending movies, mostly….well entirely….because my cable subscription allows me two free tickets every Tuesday night. What a boon. The old man and I actually get to spend some quality time together, sans kiddies. Sure, sure, we don’t talk much in the dark of the theater, but we do talk over dinner before.  And we double date with a couple who also get two free tickets from THEIR cable subscription. Generally, we’re all pretty giddy about the freeness of it all, especially these days when every dime counts. (yes, spell check grabbed “freeness” but I’m leaving it. more on my inner grammar nazi later. oh, it grabbed nazi too. )

Now the other couple are of the mind that any movie should be seen, even if there is no interest, because of the free. Me? I can’t do it. I can’t sit and be bored to tears (or sleep) in a cinema just because I can.  I’d so much rather be bored to tears at home, or at least in some other well lit room. Actually, I always say “wouldn’t it be nice to have some time where I had nothing to do”, but I don’t, and when I think about it, I prefer it that way. Being bored WOULD bring me to tears. Happily, the moments in my life when I’ve had nothing at all to fill my time with, I can probably count on one hand.

Last week it was  “Green Lantern”. My kids, who were a tad miffed at not being invited to double date grown-ups only free movie night, simply wanted me to let them know if Van Wilder was actually believable as a super hero. I think Ryan Reynolds did a lovely job portraying GL. We enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed his costume. 🙂

So, upon exiting the movie, I spy a poster for an  upcoming cartoon film entitled “Puss in Boots” and I keep staring at the poster. I even tell my husband that I’ve seen the poster before. Now, I saw this same poster the week before after our previous freebie, but that was not what I was referring to. I’d seen this poster before, I know it. After snapping a picture of it, it comes to me. I have seen it before. But Puss wasn’t Puss. He was Capitan Alatriste (a good book btw) And he was played by Viggo Mortensen (hubba hubba).

I know there are other shots of Viggo in this role, and this one is close but not exactly the same. But in my mind, this is what I saw.

Now, there are three books that I know of in the Alatriste set. Having read the first and the second a number of years ago, and having very much enjoyed them, though they are a short quick read, and upon hearing that a movie was being made, I made sure to follow it’s progression in hopes of seeing it on the big screen one day (even if it was not free). And it was a long wait. AND it was being made in spanish, which Mr. Mortensen speaks fluently, albeit with a south american lilt, though he did a pretty good job of sounding like he was from Spain in the movie. Anyway, I waited and waited and then, when the movie was completed, I was completely deflated upon learning that it would not be released here, even at my local “theater in the hood” that shows all the best independents.

But wait! Lincoln Center was going to show the film as part of a spanish film series! I wasn’t going to miss this. So into the city I drove. I spend a few  hours shopping on Columbus Ave and Broadway, and then, with about six shopping bags in hand, I lumbered into the Lincoln Center movie theater, plunked myself down, and thoroughly enjoyed the movie, sub titles and all. I love New York City. If you can’t find it here, you can’t find it anywhere.


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