If it’s Tuesday, it must be……..

….the usual insanity. Not quite a Monday insanity, but the next best thing. So, how to choose a first post. It should be pretty simple, considering all the crazy going on around us these days.

Ok, raise your hands if you don’t love The New York Post’s sense of humor.

Didn’t he already do this?

Mr. Weiner (ok, I have to laugh every time I say that) has left the building for a lovely, approved, two week cooling off period of rehab. This, I am sure, is designed to help him, and us, forget about the fact that he is both an idiot and electronically inept. Come on, tweet vs private message? I know five years olds that would not have made that mistake. And did I have a laugh when I read that the Clintons were advising him on what action to take? The world is upside down. Cats and dogs living together……..who you gonna call?

I love Norwalk, Connecticut. I love the diversity. It is a small city and every nation on earth is represented there, I’m pretty sure. But I had to buy these little cakes the other day. Sure, it’s probably a language thing. But it tickled me down deep. I mean, come on. Come. On.

What did the little cakes do to deserve being called bimbos? Maybe I don’t want to know.

Ok, I won’t rant and rave about the TSA….for now. But this toy? It bothers me. If you’ve read anything about the “enhanced patdowns” at America’s airports lately, you may feel the same. If you haven’t, you really should. You should check out the Boycott Flying facebook page, for starters. Then  you will get what’s wrong with this “toy”.

And when it beeps, the kiddies can pat each other down! Wonderful.

And what do those FREE Spy Glasses do?

Ok, last thing for today. From the “Am I losing my mind?” department. So, I’m sitting in my dining room the other day, waiting to head out to an interview, and in the trees across the street I see this:

Can you see it? I stared at it for a bit. Then I took some pictures because I wanted to preserve it for everyone to see.  Because I know it’s so interesting to you all. Do  you see the dog?

A dog, right? With his tongue hanging out. Hey, stare at the bushes for a while. You never know what you’ll see.

Time to try to make a living.


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