Affordable Health Care – We are in the Soup (no offense to soup)

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This is a blog post I started on November 15, but never posted. Here it is now, for your enjoyment:

So, the president has now said he will veto the Upton bill that is being voted on today, if it passes. This bill would make part of his law the promise he made yesterday. Yesterday.

Once again, smoke and mirrors. He’s said again that he won’t allow any actual change to his law. What he said yesterday is that he just won’t enforce the part of his law saying you can’t keep your plan. He promises.

BUT your old plan will still be illegal: your “sub-standard” plan, as far as he and Kathleen Sebelius are concerned. Here’s the problem with that. If your carrier doesn’t give you all the coverage the government says you should have, and thus they don’t charge for it, they can still end up paying for it in the end. It’s along the lines of a hotel offering you a continental breakfast with your reservation, but being told they have to serve everyone Eggs Benedict with the works because it has been deemed that THAT is what constitutes a proper breakfast. They didn’t figure in the cost of the latter, but that’s their problem, right?

What insurance company is going to offer a policy like that? Answer: none. They will still cancel the current plans. And O will blame them once again, saying “But I SAID you could keep your old plan.”

The truth is, sadly, that there probably won’t be any old plans left to keep. We’ve already received our cancellation and the replacement coverage we’ve been offered is over $5700 more per year. The prices both in and outside of the exchanges are supposed to be the same. So how can allowing folks to keep their plans impact the exchanges so terribly? My old plan was cheaper and it was the perfect plan for us. I still don’t need a government mommy telling me what is best for me.

Nothing has changed. We are still in the bowl. He had us clinging to the edge yesterday, but my feet are getting wet.

Update: I actually have no update. I’m guessing the bill is sitting on Harry Reid’s desk, perhaps right under his copy of “Regulating the Poor”.

Somebody Hijacked My Radio Station

Daniel-Ramos rogue djDriving home the other night, I was desperately in need of unwinding to the classic rock tunes I’m so used to on one my favorite “Classic Rock” radio stations. The day had been insane, as most of my days seem to be lately. It was a really dark, cold night and as I waited for the heat to come up in the car and seat to heat, I flipped on the radio.

Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall” was more than half way through. Not my favorite PF tune, but I kept listening. The final words of the song just barely ended, “How canĀ  you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat!” and then…..”Doot-doot, doot-doot, doot-doot, doot-doot…”

“There’s a port…on a western bay…”

WTF?? Brandy?

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Ravings of a Do It Yourself Geek

dvd slot


I am the family IT guy. Someone clicks on the wrong thing and it’s “Mom! My computer! Help!.” I think I have my own inquisitive nature to blame. And up until now I’d say it was partly that and part my own burning need to understand all of that which I command in my daily life. This includes every computerized gadget we own. It also includes the dog, but he’s proving a much harder subject.

So, over the years, I’ve learned how to understand the ins and outs of html as well as how to keep my PC safe from the evils that lie just beyond my keyboard. I’m paranoid bordering on neurotic about every keystroke and I’ll never, ever, ever click on those flashing ads on the side of my Facebook page. Sadly, not everyone in my household is as vigilant.

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George Orwell, "1984"

Your Neighbors Are Watching (FYI Just in case you thought we weren’t living in a Police State)

I find it amazingly sad that many folks who do not own or use firearms are being so easily persuaded to give up their (and my) rights in such a wholesale fashion. How can supposedly mature, full grown, adult human beings not realize that giving up your basic human rights to try to fix one problem will only lead to the loss of other rights as well? Okay, right now the hot button issue is gun control. What have we got here in NY now? Hey, our illustrious Governor, who rammed through the SAFE Act in the dead of night, is offering $500 to turn in your neighbors if you “think” they have illegal firearms.

Click the Idiot for Story

Click the Idiot for Story

Hell, in New Jersey you could make a cool $1000! Nothing like neighbor turning on neighbor. Divide and conquer, n’est pas? This whole “turn in your guns” schtick is not a new concept. Check out this article with some great historical info (i.e. Facts).

russian poster

“Comrades, turn in your weapons!”
Click the Russian for the Story.

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Getting Ready for the Blizzard with some help from Campbell’s @CampbellSoupCo

We’re battening down the hatches here in New York. The predicted snow amounts keep changing, but it sounds like we are going to get whomped. (pretty sure that’s a technical weather term) The whompage is probably going to be significant, if you base your guess on the screaming blizzard warning that flashed across my iPhone this afternoon.

Knowing that we’re in for it, we decided to see if we could get the one hundred or so year old snow blower a friend gave us working again. It took about four hours of work. Thankfully, I married MacGyver. Equally fortuitous is that we love Campbell’s soups in our household. Let me show you why.

The ancient one.  A snow blower from before snow was invented.

The ancient one. A snow blower from before snow was invented. See the big hole? Yes, it needed an air filter.

snowblower 2

Enter Campbell’s Broccoli and Cheese soup! Well, the can part anyway. (we ate the soup first)

snowblower 3

Trimmed it down to size and added a bit of wire mesh….

snowblower 4

A Scotchbrite pad as the actual filter was next.

snowblower 5

A bit of crimpage, and voila! Now we’re ready to rock and roll and blow some snow tomorrow.

Thanks Campbell’s! Soup is good food! (And good machine parts in a pinch)

death star

Photoshop In the Wrong Hands – Blog

I’m not in the habit of making mountains out of mole hills. When I first saw this splashed around the internet, I laughed. What’s the big deal, I thought. So Nancy Pelosi had overstepped her bounds once again and inserted some absent female congressional members into a recent photograph she had commissioned. Who would it hurt, right? In the grand scheme of things who’ll ever look back and give a rat’s patootie who was or was not there? Unless one of the late comers was actually committing a crime during the time the photo was being taken and hoped to use it as an alibi, what’s the problem?

After thinking about it for aboutĀ  five minutes, I came up with another take on it. It’s ironic that Nancy Pelosi, the target of many a freakish photoshopped image of herself, see’s no problem with this photo. It’s of all of the ladies of the 113th Congress and actually a lovely, colorful photo. There’s only one issue: not all of these ladies were actually present for the taking of said photo. Continue reading